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  • In my opinion its better then watchmen. It is my favorite story all time (regardless of format) when i got the whole series as a set, I read all 60 issues in 2 days.
    I just turned 18 a few months back. How's that drinking age going, heh? Haha
    How old are you man? I'm originally from California, but I lived in Georgia for years. I now live in Arizona, and it BLOWS.
    Aww, I lived down south in Thomasville, just above Tallahassee, Florida! 8 years of my life were spent there.
    Man, I wish I could remember. It was bought by a friend and given to me as a gift via email. I don't mind at all if you friend request me man! Whereabout in Georgia do you reside? I miss that place
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