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    Hey there Loboria - in our recent PM that we are working on - a profile on F-list.net would help...

    Hey there Loboria - in our recent PM that we are working on - a profile on F-list.net would help sort out kinks etc - just don't go into the groups or anything --- Troll Central
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    Looking for a dark Transformation RP

    I would definitely be interested in the Cow transformation thing. As for dark, were you thinking along the lines of a war novel level, or Perhaps something more AVP intensity, or are you talking really dark such as the writings of Edward Lee and friends from the splatterpunk genre. Let me know...
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    Pokemon or any science fiction rp?

    I'm game for certain. I am even fine with crossovers such as perhaps pokemon combined with numerous sci-fi concepts. Pm me to talk further. My profile here is nowhere near complete as I've had a number of bad experiences and prefer to discuss details one-on-one.
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    Looking for GMs/Switch partners for NSFW rps

    Hello there Carlos. It seems you are in luck. I have 3.5 years as a Dungeons and Dragons GM and absolutely love the school idea on your f-list. I also prefer to use Skype where I can be found by looking for the Username Fenrir Shadowfang. I do sometimes need breaks to cool down and or come up...
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    Does anyone rp with ferals?

    I'm definitely interested. My email is listed on FA. I'm open to nearly anything as well, a preference being NSFW, but I often write a lot of details with it so it develops into a lot more than just that. There's a journal on my FA profile that contains a link to a form you could fill out so I...
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    Does anyone rp with ferals?

    I'm not sure what you mean with the word "muses" in this context, but I may be interested if I had more details
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    Rp for my anthrowolf.

    Sorry about that everyone. I sometimes get a tad carried away when something really catches my eye.
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    Rp for my anthrowolf.

    *Disclaimer for the purpose of preventing any misunderstanding of the intention behind anything in the following post - some things I have been known to say tend to get people riled up and me in trouble because of a misunderstanding of what I am actually saying: with Asperger's Syndrome I next...
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    Open-minded people looking for RP - see within *NSFW potential*

    I am a rather easy person to get along with in regards to Roleplaying, I have my favourites as does everyone else. I am open to nearly anything, but if you are interested in any adult themes then I insist you be above required legal age for the US which is 21. The following is a link to a form...