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  • I don't know anyone close by that plays either, online friends are all I got. I'm just glad they all got addicted to it as well.

    I'm down for that, the more people the merrier! Don't see a lot of people main the gunlance, which is sad, it's a pretty fun weapon.
    I fell in love with the Charge Blade, I'll either use those, hammers, or bows mainly. I know how it is with school, all my friends were far ahead of me until Spring Break came around haha!
    Oh cool! I'll see if I can go to that. BTW I love Jasper. It's so beautiful over there. Last time I went was during the fall, just as the trees changed.
    Said so in your thread already, but I can talk on FAF's private messages and FA's notes if you want to learn more. FA username is Igikuna.
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