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    My Braixen!

    Ooo! Pretty!
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    Anyone want to share how they came up with their fursona?

    Akiko, my kittydog, was made after I kinda just stopped using my original sona, a cat named Hazelle. Akiko was designed using two bases: a feral base and an anthro base, whereas Hazelle was just a feral hand-drawn cat. I used bases because I'd never actually used them to design a serious sona...
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    How to do you like to bust a nut?

    Crunching it between my teeth with loud snappin' noises. Heck yeah.
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    Need advice on an anxious kitty! <3

    Hi guys! I haven't been on recently because I've been busy with a lot of life stuff. One thing that's been going on, in particular, is I'm planning on moving to the Rockies with my bf, which is where he currently resides. It's a 16-hour drive from where my family lives now (nothing I haven't...
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    Does your fursona have any disabilities or health issues?

    The same as mine! Akiko has chronic migraines and headaches and a bad form of generalized anxiety of disorder and social anxiety. Cannot deal with stress at all and her mind is a mangled mess. Like mine.
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    (Commission) Selling: LF Consistent Clients To Make Art For

    Hello guys, I'm back on the forums! I've been wanting more than ever to have a few consistent clients who can help me through hard times and help enhance my hobbies and art skills through commissioning me! I am a small artist and I have been trying to improve my skills lately and I am hoping to...
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    Doctor's Appointment Update!!

    That's great!! My dad has back problems too but his doctor doesn't do anything to help. It's pretty hard to switch doctors out here. He'd go to my doctor but she's not taking new patients at the moment. I love being pain free, though, and having proper help with my issues.
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    New to the fandom and could use some guidance

    I'm making a blog that has helpful resources for new furries, so this is perfect! I think a good starting point would be to simply hand around and chat on the forums, getting to know other furries. Watch furry YouTubers and support fellow furries with their projects (by giving them...
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    Hiring: ($35+) Looking for NSFW Writer for a Story of 6000 Words ($35-60) (CLOSED)

    Okay! I'll add you and we can talk there! Thank you very much!
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    But why would you do such a thing?

    Because I'm hunting him for food. Why would you hide in Ed Sheeran's closet?
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    Hiring: ($35+) Looking for NSFW Writer for a Story of 6000 Words ($35-60) (CLOSED)

    Willing to take it! Do you have a Discord we could discuss further on? Mine is Jolty Fern #6265. Normally I wouldn't be open to commissions anymore but I've been dying to write a Lion King story! NSFW especially!
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    Vent Thread

    Ohh I have fatigue from it. One of the most annoying frickin side effects ever. I get a lot of exercise but where I live in Western Canada the weather gets brutally crazy at times, like right now it 's cold after being sunny all last week. I do have therapists in my area and my caseworker...
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    Edited, Will be Deleted Momentarily.

    Sure. It sounds...interesting.
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    Edited, Will be Deleted Momentarily.

    What's he like? Also, is this not his first account? Something about him seems off-putting and familiar but I think it's because he reminds me of someone who had similar...uh..."mannerisms".
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    Edited, Will be Deleted Momentarily.

    Lol I dunno either. Is anyone sure the dude isn't a troll? I'm not entirely sure what happened but they give me offfff vibes.