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    Do you think our fetishes are representative of deep desires?

    Nooooo! No! No! Nooonono no no noo... Well, maybe just a bit.
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    Daily Dose of Cute

    A sheep teaches a young Bull how to head butt. https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=D02F9HeSQbg
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    Betsy's furry Flash Cartoons

    Re: Betsy Lee's Flash Animations <3 Yes, yes!! Aren't they?? I'm hoping she will get more viewers soon so she can make tons more!! XD
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    Betsy's furry Flash Cartoons

    Betsy Lee's Flash Animations <3 Betsy Lee Flash Animations http://betsydraws.com/index.html Latest Animations (as of 4/25/14) Brom Bones (Pt. 1) http://youtu.be/A2pEpuEbjB4 Rip an' Vinkle (pt. 2) http://youtu.be/mGq60HUY1xI A few others by her http://youtu.be/bA7VM2tqYcM Little Bunny Foo Foo...
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    Webcomic List thread

    :D Looking at some of these, amazing! I'm really getting into Ava's Demon. The art is incredible!
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    Anybody attending any cons?

    Thank you! I'm hoping to move to Portland, or somewhere near there, maybe when I pay off my student loans. It will be a while.. Then I'll be near all sorts of places, having a garden would be easier, and Furry cons will be nearby. *___*
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    Webcomic List thread

    http://themetapicture.com/the-heartsmith/ This is not furry related, but the story is cute and original. The art is beautiful, it only takes a few minutes to read. :)
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    Anybody attending any cons?

    I really, reallywish I can attend one! There are no furcons close to here in Alaska.
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    Looking for some impossible help.

    Awwwwww, you should email him He will be happy to know how much he has inspired you and how much you appreciate his writing. :)
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    Why do I see many artists do this?

    It makes them happy and adding this is appealing to them, even if it isn't true to life. If it makes them happy, why not?
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    A Regrettable Thread

    I'm sorry, I know, I shouldn't have anything to complain about really... ._.;
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    Cooking Thread

    I love cooking when I have the energy! My specialty is home made bread, japanese rice balls, korean seasoned tofu and healthy meals. I cant cook meat well. Maybe next time I make skmething lovely, I'll post? maybe... :p I don't cook often since I don't want to eat it all. mainly I steam a bunch...
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    A Regrettable Thread

    I regret posting this because whiney. .__.
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    Hello, im here to join the ranks of the thousands of foxes :)

    Hey there! Welcome to here! I'm glad that you are smart enough to think critically and form your own opinions. I really love the furry fandom too. It is imaginitive, fun. I've been interested in it for years now, but recently made an account here. I hope you enjoy yourself a lot.
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    Hello FA!

    Nice to meet you. I was having fun playing LoL before my computer died. I mostly played Soraka. :P