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    Zhou Dynasty Corgi Engineer

    Hello. ^_^ Is this a commission or a request? Either way, I'm a big fan of Welsh Corgis. Haha. If it is a commission, what style of art are you looking for? I've begun digital painting and am interested in doing larger commissions. Not to mention, I'm fast. The turnaround will be quick. My...
  2. fickensie

    Quick painted Avatars!

    New commission finished. Open again!
  3. fickensie

    Quick painted Avatars!

    Here is what you will receive: -A full painted portrait of your character with a simple background. -Big and small version -You will choose expression -You will receive progress shots. -Very quick turnaround! (Within the same day!) -I can work with both TEXT and image references. =D Example...
  4. fickensie

    Digital paintings; full body view and or avatar!

    Wanted to grab some more commissions while I have some free time. Full body feral commission with simple background: $50 USD Avatars: $25 USD Paypal only. Done on Photoshop. Thanks for looking. =^_^=
  5. fickensie

    Searching for experienced artist (Feral, anthro, scenery)

    Hmm, I'm available for this sort of commission. I've been posting some examples of my semi-realistic painting style. https://d.facdn.net/art/fickensie/1352160707.fickensie_dogstand.jpg https://d.facdn.net/art/fickensie/1351717685.fickensie_mikhail.jpg...
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    Semi-Realistc Portraits.

    Finished full body Feral Commission with simple background.
  7. fickensie

    Semi-Realistc Portraits.

    Finished commission. =D~
  8. fickensie

    Semi-Realistc Portraits.

    New commission done! For RoosterSamurai.
  9. fickensie

    Semi-Realistc Portraits.

    It's a new style for me so I don't have many examples. I usually offer discounts to the first few people so that I would have examples to post. xD Thank you for your comment, you have lovely art!
  10. fickensie

    Semi-Realistc Portraits.

    Hmmm. No takers? How about half-off for the first commissioner so I have at least one furry example. =D Starting......Now.
  11. fickensie

    Semi-Realistc Portraits.

    Good afternoon everyone. If you are interested in commissioning for a semi-realistic portrait, you came to the right place! My examples are below: Detail: How I paint: These portraits are digital and take a little while to complete. (Could take more time depending on detail.) I can...
  12. fickensie

    Looking for an animated icon for this upcoming holiday season. (Christmas)

    I'm an animator. =D To price out what you want, though, I'd need to know what you want. xD Recent animations: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8711250/ http://www.smackjeeves.com/images/uploaded/comics/5/1/51f60c5492T0B.gif http://www.smackjeeves.com/images/uploaded/comics/e/1/e18152c15U6N5.gif...
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    how much for something like this? (multi-char ref?)

    I cannot open your link since it is mature tagged. But I do cheap reference sheets. Prices and examples: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/94523-Reference-sheets!-Anime-styled-Great-prices-Need-to-make-money-for-Otakon! I have free time so I can give you a discount. I can draw a full body...
  14. fickensie

    Reference sheets! Anime styled. Great prices. Need to make money for Otakon!

    New request finished for RoosterSamurai on Wecomics