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    Need some tutorials!

    I don't have anything on paws/hands unfortunately, but you might be interested in my videos on the different angles of the head! Here's one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLhXuD_2pJ8
  2. Fidchell

    Loques Pictures (Critique wanted)

    Hey, Loque. The intensity of this piece is nice and the way you colored it is a big factor to that. I also like the texture you've given the suit. I thought I'd focus more on the gun this time around. The proportions seem to be all over the place in some spots, for example, the stock looks very...
  3. Fidchell

    ViciousTyrant WIPs

    Hey there, the art piece you've posted in the original is really well done! There was only one thing I could really find wrong that really stands out, and it's around the area of the tiger's chest. I can see some foreshortening going on here, but the red panda on the right's hand is a little...
  4. Fidchell

    Advices for making comics.

    Very true. There's no use telling yourself it'll be "too hard" or you "can't do it." Start small if it's an overwhelming thing to you. Make a three-panel comic or even a two-panel one centered around a subject you legitimately enjoy. Comics are excellent practice because of all the drawing...
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    Looking for some video tutorials

    You can check out my youtube page if you'd like. ^^ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy_Q4CeNFtQnUyw5E1SGaJw It'd probably be better for you to understand the methods presented to you, that way it will stick with you for when you do your own practice sessions.
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    Loques Pictures (Critique wanted)

    Hello again, Loque. Firstly I want to say that you've done a pretty nice job on the perspective on the Tardis, and the character in general looks pretty good too. Of course there are some issues that I want to touch up on real quick for you. I've provided a redline...
  7. Fidchell

    How do I draw heads better?

    No prob. ^^ Something that helps me get proportions right is by flipping the head horizontally, although I think people have methods to get the proportions right from the start. That's unknown to me though.
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    How do I draw heads better?

    Heads can be very tricky to draw, considering even the slightest angle can change how you must approach it. I've made some videos on different angles. Perhaps you'll find them useful? ^^ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbycz6bvtESqLnDidGUP0Peuwt1wYcoso
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    Loques Pictures (Critique wanted)

    Hey, Loque, I've done a redline of your first picture. I hope you don't mind. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0gbfpb71s5sfp1q/leomonredline.jpg?dl=0 First thing I noticed is that by the implied shape of the head (my outline may not be what you were thinking of, but I'm focusing more on the cross in...
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    Help Me Fix Anatomy Errors

    I agree with PlusThirtyOne, the head is probably the biggest culprit, although HF not really giving you any specifics concerns me a little. The biggest problem I see with the head is the upper portion. The cranium looks a little too bulbous, and the way it goes over the ear is a little strange...
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    Fidchell's Youtube Tutorials

    Hey everyone! A couple months ago I've started a new youtube channel to focus on random pieces of art I work on as well as providing tutorials for those who are seeking help. My channel doesn't have too much reception at the moment and it'd be a big motivational boost if I could get some...
  12. Fidchell

    Fidchell's Constructive Criticism Thread

    Thanks a bunch, Gravity and Ataraxis. I haven't had time lately to check up on this topic, but I really do appreciate the time you've put into the criticism. I also must thank you for the Pixelovely website, Ataraxis! It will definitely come in handy. All I have for this session is a fanart...
  13. Fidchell

    Fidchell's Constructive Criticism Thread

    Oookay, let's try this then. I attempted busts of three different characters, each a different species. I kinda went off rails a little bit on the rabbit in terms of realism, but I guess I'm not really trying to go for that in the first place. I then gave coloring a try again, specifically on...
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    Fidchell's Constructive Criticism Thread

    Or how I learned to stop worrying and love improvement. This was inspired from the other topic, of which I am now incredibly bittersweet about... I was hoping you guys could help me from here on out. I will be making attempts to focus on areas I have to improve on as well as more dynamic poses...
  15. Fidchell

    My art is off-putting and terrible.

    And here I was thinking that I would confront whoever would be the first to type anything remotely similar to this. I was angry and stubborn when I made this, but the creation of this stupid topic was apparently just as necessary as it was for you to have posted what you did, and I am thankful...