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  • Except they aren't always enough or even available at all. My friend is slowly dying. She's done what she can to get help (why wouldn't she, her life is on the line), she works as much as her body permits, and it's not enough. That could be me someday. That I might die in incredible pain in a first-world ditch instead of a third-world ditch is of little consolation.

    You've strongly implied that because things worked out for you, that they should work out for everyone, and if they don't then it's that person's fault fault for being x y z. Of course folks are mad.

    EDIT: I also must implore that you tell me your definition of social Darwinism.
    As someone with a genetic disability who has a high probability of becoming dependent on either a loved one or the government at some point (although I am fighting like hell to avoid that), it is nearly impossible for me not to get my hackles up at support of "social Darwinism." I am presently watching a friend with my same disease waste away because the rules for getting disability are too strict and deny her; she works as she can but it wouldn't put a chip in the cost of her medical care--which she goes without for the most part, aside from the absolutely necessary life-saving stuff. (Doesn't help with the chronic pain or organ/vascular problems or constant joint dislocations.) I doubt she'll make it past 30. It's not because she stupid or lazy or deserves to die.

    As time permits, I am going to argue with you. That said, I am not a grudge-holding type and have befriended people despite even greater ideological differences.
    Well, that didn't make my day or anything like that.

    (Thank you, that was very kind.)
    alas, another potential scientist trapped under the spell of sweet, sweet English. Well wherever life takes you, good luck.
    there is no nobler science than anthropogeny, my good sir. tell me, are you majoring in anthropology or is this a wild module?
    Not too much. Figured I'd say something since your cool. Drop a line just to entertain yahs. ^^
    Uhm, yep.

    Busting the comment cherry.

    Nothing to see here, move along. In before you all. :D Hey fiesta.
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