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Hi there! I an amateur artist living in Japan and trying out for the comics world at my own pace. I specialize in mainly anime-styled artwork with a huge emphasis in making characters come 'alive'. I can also do realistic animals too!

I am open for commissions! My current prices are here (USD only at the moment) as well as my FA Gallery!

I also have a Ko-Fi too if you like what I do since it keeps me motivated to draw and improve myself!
Now also accepting 'fanart cookies' in which you pay a small amount and I do a small drawing of a character you want to see me draw! Artwork will be posted on Ko-Fi only.

My Commission shop can be found here!
May 6
Fur Affinity Page
Unicorn... and other species
Job hunting and amateur artist


Slowly trying to get back into my own art...
Specializing in anime-styled art since forever.
Viva la hot guys in skimpy clothing and impractical armor!

My Furaffinity! | Single character Commissions!| If you loved my artworks Ko-Fi! (also doing 'fanart cookies' for it too)
I also run an 'Anime Art Commission shop' here! Please check it out!



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