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    General feedback, review and ciritique wanted

    I agree with the post above- You're hitting all sides of the value scale, but you have to keep in mind that like 80% of your artwork is about working in those middle tones.
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    Can I get tips on Shading

    I'd say start with doing the shading test on a ball to help understand lighting, etc. Outlining tends to just be called the sketch- 'shading' tends to be called Rendering, which is like the giant broad term for "making a thing look like a thing" texture- form- shading-lighting, etc.
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    Looking for Critiques

    *cracks knuckles* I think this forum, now, has...generally good intentions. I think they also tend to just go "Wow, looks great! Can't fix this!" a lot and not actually give helpful critiques. Critques are supposed to be...critical. I'm supes critical, I do it for a living, and i've pissed off...
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    How can I get better ? Critique/Review [SFW Pixel Art]

    I'd also suggest trying different poses, the two bear icons look abouuut the same face/ perspective. Forcing your brain to think about things in new ways is how we grow. Do the same thing forever and you'll just kinda get exasperated and stop.
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    Feedback for Deer Girl WIP (Digital Sketch)

    Imma blunt type of person, so if this is...like too blunt feel free to let me know, haha. So this is a number of issues with the legs- You got human thighs - i agree with the shorter like...hamstring area, but with the back leg of deer, you have to angle the "ankle" part back more. I mean...
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    Speedpainting tips?

    Easiest way to go about speedpainting is to lay down big, generalized blocks when you're starting out, sorta like: http://opusartsupplies.com/sites/default/files/article_images/WebShadowShapes_3.jpg So like your lion one, start with some quick , blocked out shapes, then refine into that...
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    My art~

    I like some of the bright colors you use- I'd just keep an eye on light and shadow- Like on the Shin piece for the first one, you've got a highlight on the top of her head, then there's an equally bright light on her jaw, like there's light coming from the mouth. Stuff like that.
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    So like, I haven't been here in a while, but i'm moderately sure this isn't just like the...post the pictures you did, but just on here, with no real addition to it. You want a critique or something? Is there anything like...particular about these? Like, this forum especially now is like a...
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    soooo the fuck is this?
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    What you all are doing on a Saturday night?

    I'm actually playing the second one, but I'll never forget the wololo.
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    Best pick up lines

    Someone told me once "What are the two SEXIEST animals in the barnyard? "the fuck is this' "Brown chicken, brown couuwwwww" (Like bow-chicka-bow-wow)
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    More than what you thought...

    Whatever you're on, cut the dose because you're a headache.
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    About possibly asking for a refund...

    I mean, they may just be going through a shitstorm, and it IS just 5 bucks, so I'd say wait. It's impossible to tell what goes on in a person's life and it's easy to assume.
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    What you all are doing on a Saturday night?

    Relaxing and about to play Age of Empires- I did a guest-artist stint at an MTG prerelease earlier so I'm real sick of smiling and i'm having fun bumming around on the threads, like the good ol' days.
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    Do you have any Uncommon Phobias?

    I got mauled by an akita as a kid so WOOP 15 years later it's like someone else controls my puppet strings and I go all weird. Akita specifically, but curly-tailed dogs do it.