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  1. Firusia

    Looking for Artwork from 5-10 dollars OR~~

    For 10$ I can offer you a headshot like this one (recent commission :) )
  2. Firusia

    10$ high quality headshots/icons!

    Headshot comi for Cilimantris :)
  3. Firusia

    Your favourite breed of dog?

    Labs! I have a pretty black lab girl and I absolutely adore her... So loving, happy and enthusiastic! :)
  4. Firusia

    Double dragons!

    Dragons are my thing! :) I could paint your dragons for 75$ And about the timeline, 2-3 weeks max I think (in case life stuff happens - I prefer to give longer estimated time)
  5. Firusia

    So How'd You Get Your Avatar?

    I painted it myself :) And I've done various icon commissions and it's so nice when someone uses mine :3
  6. Firusia

    What can 10$ get me?

    For 10$ I can paint you a headshot/icon like this one: And wait two weeks and for 20$ you can commission a chibi ;P
  7. Firusia

    Looking for an art tablet?

    Any Wacom. A Bamboo is good enough for the start :)
  8. Firusia

    What's the most common/popular furry species?

    Capybaras of course! :P
  9. Firusia

    Firrea's WIPs and doodles! :3

    So yeah, I decided to start a sketchbook thing too! :) A WIP of my tigero-somethingo-thingy: Referenced from some picture found on Tumblr... Have to finish it some day, but currently I'm working on commissions :3
  10. Firusia

    Review my TOS?

    Can I borrow your ToS, change some things and credit you under it (like thanks to [linktoyourpage] for helping with ToS)? I'm not a native english speaker and I can't write in professional manner...
  11. Firusia

    Looking for some critique - Brutal as Possible

    OK, I'm not a master buit I'll try to write a few words about every picture... :3
  12. Firusia

    10$ high quality headshots/icons!

    Updating with a chibi example! :3
  13. Firusia

    Do you imagine stories through music?

    Only with some songs. Like Atom Heart Mother or Echoes by Pink Floyd :3
  14. Firusia

    In what ways has being a furry helped you?

    A few friends, knowledge about weird fetishes, motivation to make more art :)
  15. Firusia

    Where to print +18 artwork?

    Buy a photo printer and print yourself? :P