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    Fox Yarn Tail for Sale

    No longer for sale
  2. fizzypopfox

    Hiding a Tattoo?

    I wanna see the tattoo! It sounds cool. I have a tribal Ninetales on my back that is a decent size. My mom paid for it when I turned 18. I am ultra lucky to have liberal and understanding parents, so I really don't have the experience necessary to give you advice. But my advice would still...
  3. fizzypopfox

    ZettaBit is born

    Diggin' the ref sheet style.
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    How to Make a Dragon Tail?

    Is it fleece that you have? That would make a good dragon fabric I think, with faux fur on the end for the hair. Tails aren't too horribly tricky since most of them are pretty much tubes. Depends on how fancy you want to get with them. For now, I would recommend just practice sewing tubes of...
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    Monster Girls?

    /d/ has some pretty good monster girl threads to break the futa every once in a while. My favorite are the ones that are genuinely terrifying. Like the half spider ones. Sidenote - /d/ is porn. Do not go there for the art. You will see porn.
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    Eating pet food?

    Horse cookies are pretty tasty. Especially the molasses ones. Back in my equestrian days I used to snack on them a lot.
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    Is there a name for the mouth tail critters?

    Maybe, but you'll have to buy me dinner first.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    I live alone, so my cat (soon to be cats) keep me company. I look at pets like any other hobby, except if you fuck up something dies so it's a little more serious. I know that I don't have the time or energy to devote to a dog right now, so I keep cats. And a grumpy-faced Betta.
  9. fizzypopfox

    Any Other Furries Suffer from Social Anxiety?

    Yeah, I've had many a person greet me at a party or a bar by my name and tell me how much they missed me and how funny I am and then they'll say something that sounds like an inside joke and I just play along. It's not really awkward as much as it is just absurd how I have zero memory of these...
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    Unpopular Opinions

    Sometimes I look at my cat and wonder why the fuck I, or anyone, thinks it's a good idea to bring a tiny forest creature into your house and let it shit in a box of sand, spend your hard earned money on it, and watch it regularly vomit on everything you love. And then she makes this dumb little...
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    Any Other Furries Suffer from Social Anxiety?

    Thanks for your kind words. ^_^ Making friends is pretty rough anyways for er... "our people." I have this problem where I am still a pretty normally functioning human being who is easily annoyed with people who structure their lives around the nerdy things they like, but with just enough...
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    Is there a name for the mouth tail critters?

    Whew, so they don't have a name. I guess I'm not a big dummy after all. At least about this.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    I agree. I know far too many people who think dogs can be cage pets and don't spay their cats but then get pissed about all the kittens. If you don't want to do any work, don't bring another life form into your home.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    Most people shouldn't have children.
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    Is there a name for the mouth tail critters?

    I know that there are no rules and anything goes with character creating, but I've seen several examples of characters with big fluffy tails with their own fangy mouths. I think they look neat and was wondering if they have a name, a history, etcetera. Thoughts?