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  1. Fluffeh

    My First Fursona

    You shouldn't let others put suggestions into your own fursona, after all it's all about YOU~
  2. Fluffeh

    Furry Anime

    Not sure if mentioned but The Cat Returns, ugh so amazing!
  3. Fluffeh

    A thought on how to prevent overheating

    That idea seems great, I'm in the process of getting my first fursuit and I was actually worried about the heat and how it would work. Nataku's idea seems like the best so far, I'm not too sure about fans doesn't seem like it would work that much, I might be wrong though.
  4. Fluffeh

    The 4Chan Furry Circlejerk: Opinions

    I visit 4chan sometimes if I'm bored and want quick entertainment because honestly you will find at least one decent board on there. If you look hard enough they do have furry threads/posts but most of the time it's just furry porn, but then again can't complain with that either >.>;