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  • Hi. I'm still doing well. Writing has been a bit slow due to cautious planning and because I have been busy with activities, and school. I will try to submit the next chapter to you pretty soon.
    I literally have the entire story planned out in my head. Just moving really slow so I can perfect everything.
    Sent you chapter 1. Chapter 2 is about half way done. I'm really trying to think it out. Thinking like a young fox would is pretty difficult.
    Once I finish it I will let you take a look at it. I'm trying not to make it so cliche like my first chapter.
    So, I pretty much planned all of the second chapter of my short story now. Now I just have to write it. Little progress but still. It's something.
    i try not to let the furs down...

    they can be like family minus the judgement and psychological abuse.
    Fair enough. I really should get around to reading those two.

    Oh, and another thing: I can always change the hues of purple to keep you on your toes :p
    I suppose I am making a bit of progress planning the 2nd chapter. I will be actually be writing once I get my computer back.
    Yarr, I know there's no set schedule, but there's a faint pattern :v

    As for the other sites, yes I have checked out your DA, but that's about it. Is the story you're referring to the Snake one? 'Huntress' I think it was called. Why not, post them on FA and see what happens.

    P.S If you be hatin' on purple, you can disable my customisation by clicking a button at the top of the page :p
    Why didn't you let me create it? :v

    Anyways, there was one point in the sixth one that ArielMT was viewing it. So I panicked and went to make the seventh, but before I made the thread I checked the game and she wasn't viewing it.
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