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  1. Foamy

    Political Allegiance Poll

    well for German i did not want to enter WWII because that pushed Hitler "over the edge" kinda like Napoleon, where they do good for there countries in the short run but then "absolute power corrupts absolutely". and I was agreeing with you.
  2. Foamy

    Shows or moviesyou totally can't stand, or that have dissapointed you

    Batman & Robin...its just so horrible. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!
  3. Foamy

    The BEST animated movie ever (ROUND 3)

    HA no better then yours MEAT BAG. ROBOTS FTW
  4. Foamy

    Bond. James Bond.

    Those who dare appose the GREAT SEAN CONNERY shall met with a slow and painful demise
  5. Foamy

    Political Allegiance Poll

    so...survival of the fittest then?
  6. Foamy

    PRINCESS MONONOKE vs. THE IRON GIANT: Which movie is better?

  7. Foamy

    Political Allegiance Poll

    Communism works, look at china, democracy works, look at US, GB. Fascism works , look at Germany between 1920 and 1935, socialism works, look at the countries that use socialism. the fact is they all work, the question is...how long?
  8. Foamy

    Political Allegiance Poll

    The way i see it is that government (in all its glory), is the 2nd form of order. the 1st was religion and the 3rd (i think) will be the corporation. I think that you could have done this poll more balanced, however since there are a lot of forms out there you did well to give people the...
  9. Foamy

    What weapon does your fursona use?

    i have my squirrelly wisdom, with harsh language and facts to decimate me opponents mentality leaving them a vegetable in a psycho ward, followed up with some SQUIRRELLY WRATH!!!
  10. Foamy

    The BEST animated movie ever (ROUND 3)

    why do i not see WALL E on that list? :(
  11. Foamy

    Tea, do you like it?

    I like LIPTON tea...Although I am open to all tea (prefer iced tea). Orange Tea, Red tea, white tea...etc
  12. Foamy

    A Few Questions

    1.Fetish 2.Because he is my favorite character. 3.um...NO 4.minority/strange concepts intrigue my mind 5.YES 6.because it does not conform to the rules of society. So, SCREW THE RULES, I HAVE MONEY!!!
  13. Foamy

    Songs your a little ashammed you like

    "You spin me round" - Dead or Alive yea...that one...
  14. Foamy

    Gas-saving advice for y'all

    If you are a teenager and do not know what car to get, then look at ether a TOYOTA, OR HONDA. GREAT MPG In fact the one I am driving right know is a TOYOTA that gets 24 MPG and its just 19 years old. My mother drives a TOYOTA which is 10 years old getting her 30 MPG. Learn from the companies...