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    Greatest Movie for each Genre

    Sci-Fi: Star Trek (2009) Comedy: Shaun of the Dead Blaxploitation: Undercover Brother (it's funny and creative enough) Period Pieces: O Brother Where Art Thou? Comic Book: The Dark Knight (I hope a Batman film works there) Crime: The Godfather (I actually watched it. It was decent.)...
  2. Folgrimeo

    What makes your fursona unique?

    <-- Just a blue circle over the left eye, that's it. And my inability to draw a squirrel-looking face.
  3. Folgrimeo

    The best jrpg of this gen is coming over to NA!

    Holy crap yes. Here's a link with the word "official" in it if you need reassurance. But I'm worried, if it's only going to be sold in Gamestop and direct through Nintendo... I mean, there's OTHER places people usually pick up games from. Like Amazon.com. Aren't they severely limiting...
  4. Folgrimeo

    A bit of retro gaming

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (mainly because of Tails), and Ecco the Dolphin (I don't see anybody else doing dolphin games, and I have yet to hear better music in a game). As for SNES, I'm gonna say Secret of Mana (everything's wonderful and you later get a flying white dragon as transportation). btw...
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    Which would you pick? (A relationship thread!)

    I'd be torn between H and C, but leaning towards C since I kinda like the demure vulnerable thing. Plus she's kinda like me, being submissive. Probably because it makes me want to help out, and it's an opportunity to shift the dynamic to both of us giving and receiving. The downside is being so...
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    youtube snake game

    Oh cool! Nice little trick there. I can only make it work when the video's loading for the first time though, before you see any video.
  7. Folgrimeo

    Game finding help e_e

    Reminds me of something from Half-Life: Opposing Force (all the HUD elements were green), but I can't identify that icon, sorry.
  8. Folgrimeo

    Way to disable "General Audience" tag?

    Well to be honest, having an advisory that screams "Warning! This image is safe to look at!" is kind of ridiculous. And I recall some general-rated images would have it and others wouldn't. But it's not a big enough problem to be worth losing sleep over.
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    All about new movies and old movies

    Seriously, how hard is it to write "Talk about old movies yo"? I swear, every person who fails to write English when intending to write English and having English as their first language just... needs... to... read Lord of the Rings 10 times in a row. Spambots and chatbots have no excuse, they...
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    First Official Bit of News about CoD After MW3's release

    It's not enough that Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 have to both have "3" in the title, get similar awesome reviews, and look very similar -- no, even the box covers look similar, just some random soldier guy seen from the front. I honestly wouldn't be able to tell the games apart if you...
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    Who is your favorite videogame commentator?

    ProtonJon, primarily when he's playing Mario hacks. Seeing him fall for a Kaizo trap for the first time was priceless. He's also one of the few people on earth who can do the ring levels in Superman 64 no problem. And frankly of all the LP-ers I've listened to, I think he's the funniest by far...
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    GTA V

    ...oh my god that's insanely beautiful... I swear you could be someone who doesn't like GTA or has never heard of it before, and yet for a moment that changes when you see this trailer. The attention to detail is unbelievable, the realistic movement of everyone... seeing that mountain range...
  13. Folgrimeo

    Some Important Information For Gamers on Youtube

    Good point Ossum. Today's proposed bills are so unbelievable as to be indistinguishable from parodies. Techdirt is keeping a close eye on the E-PARASITE Act, which is yet another bad piece of legislation trying to get shoved through. People might say "oh there's no way this law would ban those...
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    Cheering yourself up online

    Music, mostly. I've got a lot of music set aside for such an occasion, as it also happens to be the music I like best. Inspirational, spiritual(-esque), aquatic (pretty much anything from Ecco the Dolphin or its sequel), or just a really good beat. Of those, "Weezer - Island in the Sun" works...
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    What was the last show you watched?

    Put me down for "Regular Show" as well. It has ups and downs, but it's still very entertaining. Last show I saw before I ditched the TV, and last show I've seen online. As for the second-to-last show I watched online, it was an episode of "Skippy: Adventures in Bushtown" that miraculously...