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  1. footfoe

    Steam Username List

    I have steam but i don't know what my username is.... I hate to be logged off, i wouldn't know how to get back on.
  2. footfoe

    WTB: Cure (General Soreness)

    I honestly agree with the bed thing. Get a firmer one.
  3. footfoe

    What are you dressing up as on Halloween?

    I dressed up as a someone who gives a fuck.
  4. footfoe

    I need guy advice...

    Tell him your madly inlove with him. That always seemed to work for me XD.... oh wait no it didn't. I say go for it.
  5. footfoe

    "Furry Mate Finder"

    You mean this isn't a furry dating site? oh god, i've been gone so long, i don't recognize anyone on here anymore T.T
  6. footfoe

    Furs By Species 3

    i'm going to go with Kitty cat meow, as halarious as being a jerrymander was.
  7. footfoe

    Five (yet more) things you do that I love

    I love you Thread creator
  8. footfoe

    >.> <.<

    >.> <.<
  9. footfoe

    Hi All!

    hello~ welcome to furaffinity meow
  10. footfoe

    I hath returned

    Hello~ i was on this forum a while back. Thought i'd pop back and see what's going on in the furry world meow.
  11. footfoe

    Internet crushes, love and relationships

    i like internet crushes, they are fun. perhaps i shouldn't get involved in them. ya can mess people up a bit.
  12. footfoe

    Do you actually bother to learn about your 'species'?

    I personally doubt cats go and read about what others cats do. So it would also be silly for me to look up things about cats. I do know they're fluffy and like waking people up in the morning.
  13. footfoe

    HK's noob guide to Den posting.

    what happened to you HK, you got.... lame. i looked up to your epic trolling, i wanted to be just like you.
  14. footfoe

    Female Furs and Breasts

    I like it better when theres fur over the actual nipples, covering them. It just seems less weird.
  15. footfoe

    Is the reason why furries talk about their fetishes and sex lives so much-

    IT's the fucking internet. We can say whatever the fuck we want with no repercussions I had wet dreams about my sister. See, yall didn't need to know that. But i told you anyways cause it's the fucking internet WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO