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Fox Fang
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  • Yeah, I modified my posting style when I came here too.

    And I dunno, simplistic fursonas can be awesome :3
    Well tbh your posts can get kinda irritating, but you seem like a decent enough person :3

    And thanks, Skift is a cross fox. (Red fox with extra melanin.)
    oh, kewl! What would you like to Go on? I Have skyype, or we could just do it here!
    if my memory doesn't suck, Komamura isn't a character who uses to appear in the anime, i stopped to watch it when ichigo (the main character) managed to control his HOLLOW, after that, i know nothing, hehe
    i don't read Naruto but i watch the anime, now, spins off are over, the story will be more interesting, SOUL EATER, i don't know at all, ONE PIECE, only by name, FAIRY TAIL is my fav anime, sometimes, i'm not in good spirits, each time i watch an episode, i feel better, hehe, that's wonderful^_^
    "Your French am I right?", hehe, are ya a seer? (grinning) due to my nationality, i've some trouble when i talk about movies or anime (say Dragon Ball Z), the names or the titles are totally different, hehe, that's ridiculous, lmao
    Normally I don't do icons based on written description, but if you're happy giving me some artistic license I'll work something out.
    For the first time, I am accepting bribes. There is no current ranking, mostly just a list of things I need to do then I get to it when i feel like it.
    I am doing a donation thing, that is the only way to get bumped up. the higher the donation the higher the place on the list.
    yep that's me, the waiting list is long yes. Forum regulars and donators are getting the top spots for now, just for a warning.
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