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    A Commissioner's Perspective on How To Get Commissioned

    I totally agree with what you say! There's a lot of truth in it! I think the main thing of a commission is to get something that somehow makes you happy! An art piece of your favourite character, done exactly as you expect is an example! Therefore, it's very important -in my opinion- to make a...
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    March - 4 more slots open!

    Commissions are open again! 4 slots are still available... to reserve one, mail me: fox.pop.vintage@gmail.com The price includes a WIP check (so, if something's not as you were planning, I can fix it! :D) and the paypal fees! :D Here's the pricelist! :D
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    Anatomy style choices: What's your?

    Right, right... it gotta make sense somehow, otherwise you automatically see it like "what the heck?" xD
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    Anatomy style choices: What's your?

    I found a topic on the FA forum, talking about anatomy and style... it was about "how much good should the anatomy be"... but it also made me think about how do we re-work over the human anatomy details for our own furry style! Any artist, for example, keeps a certain human-animal ratio...
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    How much anatomy is really necessary? (Rant Warning)

    Sooo :) It's something I often talk about with other artists: Anatomy is mandatory, to draw living beings (humans, animals...even plants have their own "anatomy"!). That's true. It's not about style or something, but mostly to understand how the body works, how the muscles are. What's also...
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    Howdy!!! :D

    haha sure :>
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    Howdy!!! :D

    Thanks! :D
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    Looking for a commission

    If you want, my commissions are open :) I leave you my pricelist, so you can see! ^^ www.furaffinity.net: Commission Pricelist [2017] by FOX-POP
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    Howdy!!! :D

    Hello guys/gals! :D I'm a furry artist from Italy and my world turns around the words "vintage", "anthros" and "vehicles"... soooo I love everything comes from the 60/70s! :) Nice to meet y'all!