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  1. [Fox]

    Top 5 Favorite Artists

    Wow, people like what I listen to, >_> <_< 1. Daft Punk 2. The Beatles 3. Cut Copy 4. Panic! At the Disco 5. Kanye West That's pretty much it. I would have other bands like The Killers, etc. And because apparently NOBODY has heard of Cut Copy, I'll post one of their songs...
  2. [Fox]

    Furry Anime

    As somebody tried stating up there^ Kaiketsu Zorori. He's my avvie, :3
  3. [Fox]

    Online Gamers

    This site I'm on, FlashFlashRevolution, it's basically DDR for the computer, except you use the arrow keys. It has a forum like FA, more in-depth profiles, Video Chat, and other things. On there my username is NFD.
  4. [Fox]

    Introductions to this madness.

    Welcome to the FA Forums. I hope you enjoy y(our?) stay =P
  5. [Fox]


    I got it all fixed, thanks though, :3
  6. [Fox]

    Heya =)

    Hello, welcome to the Forums, I'm new myself.
  7. [Fox]


    I'm actually trying to figure out why my avatar isn't showing up. I was also wondering if I could set it to in my signature so that I could have images with the [IMG] code wrapped around it. Also, nice to meet you.
  8. [Fox]


    Hi, I'm me. I like to do things. Also, you may assume that I'm a furry.