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  • It'd be awesome if we were in the same age group, i get lonely in pocatello, not seeing any friends.
    I remember one or two others in Salt lake city... i cant remember the names :c

    Also i was just travelling yesterday and the day before.
    It's nice to know that this website can help me with my shyness and that there's people who got my back. Thanks for telling me.
    don't worry about it. Sometimes it takes harsh reality to remind a guy there's a real person behind the blue fox avatar. Stay luminescent, yo.
    It is impractical for driving in...so what I did was got beltclips for mine to make it easily detachable. The AnthroWear ones actually clip onto your belt...so you can take em off or put em on quickly. Part of the reason I want one actually.
    Nah the thing I have now just comes to my knee lol. Like I said it was just a little gift, nothing serious, I wear it everywhere (or did.) I don't think a large one would be practical for that much wear, driving my car may be problematic.
    Found your colour right away haha. I don't, know if I could pull off one so big. So tempting though.
    Ooh.. The one I have was a gift, it's some fluffy weak fashion thing, it clipped on with a little chain that snapped. I'll just look about for something better this time, are they soft throughout or hard in centre? I have no clue with proper ones.
    That's a shame.. If you end up with loads simultaneous kitsune it up for the Japanese crowd.
    I need another one, I may look into handmade ones.
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