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Im gay and 16. email or IM me if u wanna get to know me ^_^
wow I was such a fur fag when I wrote that. I am 17 now (Yeah I know not that much of a difference) But damn I cant stand when people type "U" instead of "you" I cant believe I use to do that.
Any way, yeah. Gay, what ever. Wanna know me? Then just talk.
xD I guess I change a lot over each year. I'm 18 now, still gay, but I'm a lot more mature than I was before.
Anyway, Name is Jacob, most call me Sai, you can find me at http://www.youtube.com/AllFoxGaming or http://www.facebook.com/AllFoxGaming
( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/saikitsune/ works too)
Age: 19, Ha, I love coming to this site every year or so and seeing what I put the year before, it's pretty funny. Anyway, same things as said above I guess. Uhm, yeah. Sup? If you're actually reading this, I'm sorry for you. :3

Video games, music... I draw, sketch, write, sing and play music...
July 1
Burlington washington
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Arctic fox
Sai Kitsune
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Its when your gone that I realize that I love you. The times we spent together, as well as the time you weren't there. You're the part that completes me. You live, laugh, and love. Well I'm the part that needs work. Feelings such as hopelessness when you not here. You're always at my side helping me along the way, to learn to love again. Its when your gone that I realize that I love you more than before.


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