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  1. {Foxums Prippit}

    have u met any furs in real life?

    Soon, hopefully. I've spoke to a few people on the phone though, which was awesome.
  2. {Foxums Prippit}

    Cutlery Vendor

    Hello thar, welcome to FAF! Disgusting violent things + cooking = ??? - but I am sure you're a nice chap :3
  3. {Foxums Prippit}

    Hi I'm dana

    Hello and welcome to FAF :3 I have a thing for the bunneh's, (Like lonleyfox it seems, heh) - they are soo cuteness! I'm afraid your avatar may turn me straightwise o.0 Meep!
  4. {Foxums Prippit}

    zomg a coogar

    Hi thar Orthan! *Hands magickal cookie dust* Welcome to FAF, I hope you have an awesome time :3
  5. {Foxums Prippit}


    Hello there and welcome to FAF. I hope you enjoy yourself ^.^ *Is playing FFIII on psp*
  6. {Foxums Prippit}

    Read this

    This thread broke my psp.
  7. {Foxums Prippit}

    *peeks out from behind a bush* ...hai =3

    Yay! *Pouncehuglickmurrs* :3 :3 You'll love it here! *Hands speshul cookies*
  8. {Foxums Prippit}

    Favorite drink?

    Fucking milk. Spend £30 a week on it easy.
  9. {Foxums Prippit}


    Trust a political debate to be going on in the comments section of the youtube rickroll clip. *Rolls eyes* When I rickroll'd someone, it wasn't anything special in particular, but what makes it funny is that I sent it to her like three times in a row, in one night, with her consecutively...
  10. {Foxums Prippit}

    This thread is excruciatingly special...

    Blue cheese ftw - Stilton = nom. Especially melted over stuff and/or with vodka <3
  11. {Foxums Prippit}

    Telling your parents you're gay

    That really sucks Neko... *Offers snuzzles* If I knew that my dad knew that I was gay and he said something so degrading whilst we were in company, I wouldn't be able to withhold. I would kick the fuck off.
  12. {Foxums Prippit}

    Post Last 2 Win 3rd Edition

    Any good new games for the psp?
  13. {Foxums Prippit}

    Old Fa user, new to the forum

    Hello thar!!! Welcome to FAF, I hope you enjoy yourself and make some awesome friends :3
  14. {Foxums Prippit}

    Hi guys! Can... you help you find something on FA?

    *De-wraps the tail from around himself* Yes. I would also like to play with this flash animation. *Re-tail wraps* Oh, and welcome to FAF. Have fun!
  15. {Foxums Prippit}

    Has something made you "aww" today?

    My hamsters snuggling together in their ickle little housey with the cotton wool all snuggled and wuggled and awwwwwww