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    What are things you find beautiful

    A question to the questioner. Do you consider beautiful as exclusively optical or can every "sense" experience beauty. I am ambivalent with this one and can not decide which path to take so every sense get its top one. Vision: Symmetry, Colour Patterns --> Psychedelic art Smelling: Coffee...
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    Retro Games Thread

    I recently got into collecting retro games and consoles mostly Nintendo. Still a small collection but I expand fast ^^. I was never a console kid, but playing the first Turok and Lylat Wars on a N64 are amazing games. The openness of Turok really surprised me and the gameplay is pretty modern...
  3. FoxWithAName

    switch vs switch lite

    I don't know the current status of the 4K Switch Pro rumors, but I am very skeptical of it. If you want to get a switch get a normal one. If you buy used, try to find a second revision one, because it has an improved batterie...
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    Share your ACNH dream codes here!

    Yeah, that was the first thing I tried XD. I will update it in a few days, I improved stuff
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    E3 Watch-along

    Hi everyone! We are planning to make a watch-along of the upcoming E3 on our very new and very small Discord Server. Join us during the event to hang out, meet new people and talk a bit about everything that is going on in the gaming world. If you are interested of watching the online...
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    Tell me about something good that happened today!

    I got my ass to the gym today, did not train there for nearly a year due to lockdown and, it was amazing, even though I struggled with some of my exercises and my stamina and strength. I am motivated to get back to 4 days per week training
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    Share your ACNH dream codes here!

    Ohh I updated mine too, I worked on shaping the island to my liking
  8. FoxWithAName

    I'm PhoxSpark

    Hello and welcome, I like your theme song. ^^
  9. FoxWithAName

    Share your ACNH dream codes here!

    Your Island is so cool, you put a lot of work into it, I really like it. My Island Is a bit... blank, because I played the game not very intensively, but here is my code if you want to dream. DA-2138-5407-1305 BTW, the Piano on the East side is pretty cool.
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    Share your ACNH dream codes here!

    Ohh boy I did not touch this game for Months, but I am interested, I will look into this and give you my code tomorrow
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    Soooooooo any Linux users out there?

    Hey Linux users, I've got a questions for you, because we are Soooooooo many XD. So do you have any expierence with a good DAO and Audio processor? I installed Waveform but I have trouble with the audio processing basically, its not usable. I use ALSA for processing do you have any alternatives...
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    What are some things from the late 90s and early 2000s that bring you lots of great nostalgia ?

    Cameras angled at 30° and constant zoom-ins and -outs. It gives me nausea and nostalgia
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    Biomutant Game

    I never got into these games, but I heard a lot of cool things about the unique nemesis system, but I remembered that the second part was not very good, because of poor decisions (In-game purchases), but I did not fact check it ^^'.
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    Yum or Yuck

    YUM to the Moon Currywurst?
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    Biomutant Game

    @Ziggy Schlacht interesting approach, I completly fall for the Cyberpunk hype, because I LOVE the P&P. I like the game also for what it is, and had a lot of fun playing it and getting sucked into the world. I enjoyed and did all side quest because the character development was awesome, my...