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  1. Freia the arctic fox

    Furries and Bronies

    People got pretty angry with me when I said that in a telegram group. Bronies totally creep me out as well. The furry fandom was never innocent, it has always been very mature. But MLP was originally meant for little girls. And like Teene, I also find the art uninspired. Don't get me wrong, I...
  2. Freia the arctic fox

    way is mlp fandom on 4chan ??

    I know this opinion is controversial and might even be a bit hypocritical coming from a furry with a bit of a yiff addiction. I really don't like the MLP fandom, it gives me the creeps. I do like the aesthetics in the show, the music and all that. However the fandom freaks me out, I've seen too...
  3. Freia the arctic fox

    God jul til deg også! Hyggelig å se andre skandinavere. Tusen takk, elsker bildet, det var laget...

    God jul til deg også! Hyggelig å se andre skandinavere. Tusen takk, elsker bildet, det var laget av Eruca på fur affinity, veldig bra artist. Elsker også ditt PFB :3
  4. Freia the arctic fox

    Furry Hate (Mail)

    Yeah and I'm glad they are few. However, they should not be ignored.
  5. Freia the arctic fox

    Merry Christmas to you too!

    Merry Christmas to you too!
  6. Freia the arctic fox

    What your view on Twitter?

    4chan is an amazing place, it's a place where you can talk about views and interests that would ruin their life if came out. I think it's good that 4cahn exist since it can be a burden to keep lots of controversial thoughts inside, at 4chan you can let your rage lose. Of course I'm no fan of...
  7. Freia the arctic fox

    What your view on Twitter?

    Interesting thing with 4chan is that sometimes a person from the far right and the far left can have a conversation. Of course it's rare but it's interesting when it happens. I would dare to say that 4chan is free-speech in its purest form. It's not delicate but it's free-speech and love...
  8. Freia the arctic fox

    What your view on Twitter?

    I have actually had more reasonable discussions on 4chan than I've had on Facebook. On 4chan you get a bunch of ignorant boomers against you, they will always use your age to dismiss your arguments even when age is completely irrelevant for the topic also many of them tend to be completely...
  9. Freia the arctic fox

    What was your furry awakening?

    I really loved the sly games as a child. I got sly 3 for my 8th birthday. I become crazy about drawing the characters in the game. I drew them in class all the time. I drew sly so much my teacher thought I had become crazy and had to ask my parents why I was always drawing this "cat" (Sly is a...
  10. Freia the arctic fox

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    I have always been very much into antro, but I didn't know what a furry was before i was 13. However, every time I was asked if I was a furry I denied it since I was already an emo kid with very few real friends so didn't want to make things worse for myself. I got more into it when i was 19 and...
  11. Freia the arctic fox

    What your view on Twitter?

    I've never made a twitter account because I've heard too much bad stuff about the communities there. I also prefer platforms that allow lengthy answers so that i can fully explain my views. My opinions are not always that popular and I'd rather not be witch-hunted by a mob on twitter. I like...
  12. Freia the arctic fox

    Opinions on anthro hair

    My fursona has long blond hair and one the reasons for that is that my fursona is based on what I look like in real life. I also think that hair gives a fursona a more human like expression. Hair is important for us humans and it often shows things like what you are into, what culture you belong...
  13. Freia the arctic fox

    Furry Hate (Mail)

    Some take it very seriously. Some think that we encourage Zoophilia and therefore there are many who actually encourage people to use violence means against us or dox us.
  14. Freia the arctic fox

    General Anthropomorphic Art Appreciation Thread

    The logo of "children's hiking association" I on some trips with them to a cabin when I was a child. At the end of the trip I always got a diploma with that fox on.
  15. Freia the arctic fox

    Social media envy

    I want to add that your way of thinking is extremely unhealthy. Why can't you just be happy in other peoples behalf. They have probably worked their asses off to get where they are. But seriously for your own sake, try and shift that mindset, you are being very judgemental.