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    I am too scared and my camera isn't good
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    From an actual psychological point of view, why are furries attractive?

    hope my post wasn't too negative, just sometimes the climate in family life feels that way, I dunno if my dad understands masculine and feminine (femmydood) in a non-stunted way, he once made a statement implying I was trans and he seemed like in some denial about having said it it's just...
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    What are you listerning to?

    this is real right, not vaporwave per se
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    From an actual psychological point of view, why are furries attractive?

    how subby am I possibly if I chose to be a fennec no but now I sort of think furry is sort of a jordan peterson toxic masculinity sort of reaction to masculinity and how real life can't be more cute and affectionate. Like "cute" not even necessarily feminine, but like I was sort of pondering...
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    Open Chat

    I make curry, it was out of a jar but it was kind of semi-elaborate adding tofu and fancy stuff, but now I'm out of fancy stuff I guess lol. No pics cause laptop cam
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    What's Your Earworm Of The Day?

    nice 303 at 2:10 or so
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    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    did I mention he'd have to be a fennec with some body fuzz, like real life body hair but all fuzzy, there's some furry art like that but not so much fennecs
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    AMA Kimber

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    someone tried to vore me

    and is underage? kinda weird
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    why do fetishes happen in your opinion

    eh here's a link btw owlcation.com: Trickster Gods and Their Unusual Relationship With Gender Bending
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    someone tried to vore me

    no, who is this? lol
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    I could be just gay

    no this is good