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    Headshot bust commissions-$15

    Just got you FA message!
  2. frizzled

    Headshot and fullbody comms open! ($10-30)

    Just figured I'd post this here, comms are open! I'd love to draw some fun OCs! Here is a link to my official comms info on DA --> INFO No NSFW. I draw furries, ferals, monsters, and humanoids. Examples of recent work:
  3. frizzled

    Panther-taur adopt, OPEN: $25 STARTING AUCTION

    Putting this original character design up for auction as an adopt! All bids are on the DeviantArt page HERE! $25 USD starting bid, paypal only MR: $3USD AB: $50USD (I'm also open for custom comms of centaur-creatures like this! No NSFW.)
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    Fakemon doods

    lol i havent played the newer versions so thats a new combo with the ice that i didnt know about Learned something today ;] (im sooo behind, i stopped keeping up with the games before they had abilities haha)
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    Nightmare gryphon adopts: $9 OPEN

    Still have some adopts open of this nightmare gryphon floof species! They're cute and fluffy and ready for a new home :) Paypal only From top left to right: Fire: OPEN Water: CLOSED Earth: OPEN Electric: CLOSED Light/Day/Sky: OPEN Darkness/Night/Hades: OPEN Link to the original page with...
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    $10-$25 Commissions: icons/busts/full body. Lets have fun y'all : -)

    what is your FA/social media bierd? I really love your style--that archer is so good!!
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    Commissions open! :)

    Hello! Just chucking another commission ad into this endless void My commissions are open! Headshots, Fullbodies, and refsheets. FA page is Userpage of frizzled -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (Send me a note if interested) Here's my official commissions post, rates included...
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    :) thank you!

    :) thank you!
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    Fakemon doods

    Ooh thats a good suggestion too--only downside to a water/rock would be that it would be super vulnerable to grasstype....water/steel would have both an advantage and disadvantage over fire type HMMM
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    Fakemon doods

    I do! its Userpage of frizzled -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (sorry for the delay in the reply!)
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    Fakemon doods

    :3 thank youuuu me tooo
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    Fakemon doods

    Just some fakemon starters at multiple evolutions! Posting here cuz fakemon are fun and I always enjoy seeing them around :) Let me know if you have a favorite! I'm still...working out the first two evs for the fire and water ones....I haven't put their descriptions into the pics yet so here...
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    Pokemon RP/ttrpg/interest groups

    Hi! I was wondering if folks here knew of any pokemon RP/ttrpg/interest groups to join/check out. I'm not so much of a player, but I have always been a fan of pokemon and like to do arts of them! Looking to do more arts as well (SFW only). Example of my work! (A wip) Anyways, if you do know...
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    Looking for Artists to Watch!

    Userpage of frizzled -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I do critters and creatures and humans, adopts, fantasy, dragons, monsters, etc Mostly zootopia style stuff in the furry dept
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    Adoptables: $5 ea

    I'm currently taking headshots for $15 each (see example)