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    Free animation 'cause I need motivation (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    Hm, my man Fronk maybe just doing some dumb character stuff. Trotting around, tripping and falling on his face, or maybe sliding across the screen and crashing, then coming back into view dizzy and just fall on the ground cx hes kind of a goofy character so feel free to experiment with that type...
  2. Fronk-the-donkicorn

    Be My Muse and I'll Write You a Thing

    I have a fantasy based world and a superhero based world of you're interested in writing with either of those themes. They're not really furry based but I've wanted a writer to help me with developing these worlds with my characters more so thought I'd offer ^^" I'll give you more information...
  3. Fronk-the-donkicorn

    **ON HOLD AS I EVALUATE CURRENT OPTIONS**Looking for Anthro Siberian Tiger Ref Sheet

    I can do that! With your budget you can have my basic ref sheet (two full bodies no shading, name age sex sexuality, and two chibi heads with likes and dislikes) I dont have many animal references in ny price sheet but I indeed do them c: dm me if you like my work!
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    In Need of Ref Sheet for Dragon Character [Artist Found/Thread Closed]

    I can work with ya! My basic refs are just two but I can do like what you want. Will cost around 120-130 I think c: Dm me if you like my work!
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    Looking for Practice Requests!

    Wow, your art is very nice! If youd like, could you draw my Faun Tempest? Thanks for offering your work!
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    Ah, I didnt see it, thank you for telling me! he looks gorgeous, thank you so much!

    Ah, I didnt see it, thank you for telling me! he looks gorgeous, thank you so much!
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    Fursona Ref Sheet

    Hello! I do NSFW and sfw ref sheets. My base sheets are about 45, but i can add or change anything you want. (May change the price) bipperisacactus on DeviantArt Send me a dm if you like my work and well talk details c:
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    Need NSFW Reference for Chubby Herm (CLOSED)

    Hey! I dont have a public email but I do have a discord. (Fronk the Donk#8433) I do NSFW and sfw refs and I'd be happy to do this for you! I'll drop my commission sheet here and you can contact me on discord if you like my work. c:
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    (closed) need to make commission examples

    Hm. Excited, defensive, bored, cocky?
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    (closed) need to make commission examples

    Hm, I'm sorry about that ah my stash must not be working Here, hopefully this works sta.sh: 20180514 013658 And I said expression sheet of that's alright
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    (closed) need to make commission examples

    If you're still open, expression sheet of my boy Fronk?
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    Once a day.

    sta.sh: 20180514 013658 How about Fronk? Sfw please, hes an innocent donkey so I'd prefer all his art be non sexual. Beaten up is fine though. The only power he has in his horn is a flame that welds buildings and metal together c: he also lives in a superhero run world. Go wild
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    Looking for a NSFW Artist (new) Closed (5/17)

    I do some NSFW but I have limits. Since I'm not too sure on what you want that would be a maybe. But I can definitely do an icon for you! Dm me if you like my work c:
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    Looking to commission a reference sheet and possibly an icon of my wolf fursona. Budget $40-60 USD

    I do ref sheets for 45! Comes with two full body unshaded, two chibi heads, likes, dislikes, name age sex sexuality. c: My price sheet with examples. Dm me if you like my work and we can talk!
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    [PAUSED] One-A-Day Freebies

    How about my Saydr girl?