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  1. frostclaw

    Webcomic List thread

    Shameless self promotion but I'm proud of it: Space Pawdyssey – Misfits in Space - furry, PG/SFW, Sci-Fi, Updates (Tu/Thu) - A comic about a fox who dreams of being a Galactic Ranger like his hero Captain Connor but ends up finding out that things in space can be more complicated than he'd like...
  2. frostclaw

    New Story Arc Started

    I just started a new story arc for my webcomic a couple weeks ago. I thought it would be a good time to share a link and see what you guys think so far. The new chapter starts here: spacepawdyssey.visualvoodoo.ca: Space Pawdyssey #147 – Space Pawdyssey I post new pages a day early on my FA...
  3. frostclaw

    Lookin for some new webcomics/serials

    I write an ongoing furry comic with a sci-fi setting. It's fairly character focused, PG and two of the main characters are queer (the cougar -- Toby -- being one. The other hasn't had their orientation come to light yet but that will come up down the road). The comic is a year and a half old...
  4. frostclaw

    Space Pawdyssey (My Comic)

    Thought I'd toss a link out to my comic. It's rough around the edges since I really just started it to get better and have an ongoing project to encourage me to draw every day. Space Pawdyssey – Misfits in Space I usually post new pages up a day early on my FA account. Userpage of frostclaw --...