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  1. Frostflame

    What originally got you into Furries?

    I watched randomly anime, and ended up with Onmyou Taisenki and it's main character, Kogenta, who was a anthro cat ¬.¬ even though he denies the cat part. It's basicly this that got me into furries ^^
  2. Frostflame

    If oneday we were all turned into furrs by some magical powers what would you do?

    Ok... I think this guy is overwhelmed by prejudices XD Mass of non-sense things that makes you laugh ^^
  3. Frostflame

    If Sigmund Freud described furries...

    Wanting to have fur/tails and everything is a subconscious state of the mind that would only want to have sex from a different way, making you wanting to have sex with many species to know different sensations?
  4. Frostflame

    a fun question

    I'll just try to find someone that will still like humans and live with him ^^ No sex required ¬.¬
  5. Frostflame

    Fursona´s Voice

    Might be like my voice, though a little more gentle and warm. Can I voice be warm...I wonder ¬.¬
  6. Frostflame

    What if we were hunted...

    I wouldn't hide, hiding will only stop for a while the hunting, if they know everything about you, it's more easy to go for a medium profile (as high profile would be a rock star ^^) and put traps in the places you go every day. They will come for sure and you will have the advantage. Then you...
  7. Frostflame

    Furry Hypnosis: Can anyone here achieve results?

    I don't really think hypnosis can work by internet/websites... I tried it, and the only thing that I felt was a tail that I could move a little, it was nice, but I don't think it can completly work on a computer (and I don't really want this guy to come to my house to hypnotize me :P )
  8. Frostflame

    Who Is/Are Your Favorite Artist/Artists?

    Botch (Screwbald) Sarah Ellerton (creator of Inverloch/Phoenix Requiem webcomics) I'm sure I'm forgetting artists that I really respect, but, both of them have a great style and both very talented ^^
  9. Frostflame

    Do you think your fursona is rare?

    I don't even know what the species of my fursona is... It just went in my mind then I drew him, so I can say I'm unique *dance on some salsa music* ^^
  10. Frostflame

    Which one are you?

    I would be my fursona here, for the same reasons as maniakyle, your words are inspiring ^^
  11. Frostflame

    Furry/Anthro Anime?

    One that is not well known, Onmyou Taisenki. Lots of furry/anthro characters ^^ (it is subbed)
  12. Frostflame

    Critique this please =3

    By the looks of it, the torso seems just fine in my opinion. For the folds on the left leg, it seems too much like a wave. Remember, each time the clothing gets a little higher (right now, it goes higher 2 times) it means that there is a fold. Except from those, you really drew well the head ^^
  13. Frostflame

    Watercolor Painting Tutorial (Pyramid Head, some blood)

    Bloody awesome ^^. I really like the small hand in blood on the left side of the picture :)
  14. Frostflame

    Pokemon vs Digimon

    Games : Pokémon was cool when I started playing with the red version. Although they didn't improve much since the red (I talk about the 'storyline') the graphics are much more cool than before. Digimon had more things going on, but the 2 or 3 games I tried, were totally different by the style...
  15. Frostflame

    Would you get offended...

    If she does that, I would not be offended. Those things makes us think of the nature when you see them in my opinion, so I would gladly buy one, one of these days ^^