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  • Thats nice, I'm trying to do the same. If you want to you can add me on Skype, Steam or Xbox 360.
    I have to wear gloves anyway, that way I don't get cuts on my hands. Having open wounds on my hands at my work is dangerous; having the puncture wounds is why I still am not able to go back to work yet.
    Been keeping me active, I'm feeling more comfortable with higher drops and vaulting. Still working on my precision jumping. Have you been able to recently?
    Well, the most recent development would be me and my dog getting attacked by a neighbor's pitbull. We're doing fine, but other than that same old same old. Your semester going well?
    I only have a harness and climbing shoes, but I've got some friends that I go out with that have the rest of the gear (i.e. rope, carabiners, crash pad, etc). Lead climbing is an unique experience, having to hook yourself in every ten feet. So is rappelling, and not to sound cliche, but it's always that first step that's the hardest. So much fun though.
    Do you like to rock climb as well? I like to, both at the gym and outside. I love it when I go outside, and I get to rappel my way down.
    How fast do you go through shoes doing parkour? Cause I destroy mine; probably because my technique isn't quite perfect yet. Getting a pair of fei yues.
    Only problem, it is so hot here, and it's hard to be out in the sun for long. But yeah, I totally know what you mean.
    I recently joined a group. Lot's of conditioning exercises and technique training; I love it ^^.
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