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    Looking for couple art

    (alternatively, who's willing to draw girl love?) I'm looking for a nice new bit of couple art because I haven't had any in ages, and I want something to sit in my new purse. I'm after my fursona (essentially a domestic cat) and my girlfriend (mouse), colour, cut off anywhere between...
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    List of Trade Accepting Artists and Writers

    Oh excellent. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2286249 Little vector graphics trades, anyone?
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    Calling all leopards!

  4. Fu

    What Pokemon are you?

    Flareon, shame the game is cruel to it. Maybe Ninetales too what with it's fancy new energy ball and extrasensory. God I'm typical.
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    male or female?

    Female and usually female. I like femininity, except when I don't.
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    THERE WE GO. http://www.furspace.com/fufu
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    What does your fursona's name mean?

    Fu n. 1. A department in China comprising several hsein; also, the chief city of a department; -- often forming the last part of a name; as, Paoting-fu. Chinese name In Chinese, the name Fu means- fortune wealth. The name Fu orginated as an Chinese name. The name Fu is a unisex name and...
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    Yeah I'm getting the 404 with everything.
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    Hybrid Names

    I have always pronounced algae with a hard g (then again, I've done the same with gesture and been laughed at) but I like owlgi. Someone I know had a shih tzu/jack russell hybrid and called it a jack shit.
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    "You're Not a Furry Are You?"

    I indulge in light furfaggotry and enjoy the art. People know this. People don't seem to care, even the people I spout memes with. At least, not in front of me.
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    Furry families? Children in the fandom?

    I'd be amused if my kids decided they wanted a fursona, and proud if they worked out how to look like both their parents. Kids like playing pretend, it's not a long shot, but it's their choice. I'd also want to keep them away from the fandom in general for a long long time.
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    How Old Are You?

    19. And I look younger, so ner.
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    The Fursona Game

    Oh no questions I'm obliged to ask? Uh. Has anyone ever tried to explain to Paimon the uses of women and vaginas? If not, d'you think it would work? Anyway. 1. To try and stop confusion: Fu is a fairly old Japanese shapeshifting cat, or bakeneko. Ciele is what happened when she decided...
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    My Fursona

    It's not nice to get annoyed at a sexuality. You have gorgeous colours that shouldn't work together but do. Where'd they come from?
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    Furs by state/province/other (NEW AUTHOR)

    Southend, Essex, England.