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  • Happy 4th to you too! :D And again, sorry about deleting the first friend request. :(
    I actually deleted the Friend Request... I haven't been on the FA Forums in a few days so I didn't see this profile message. I just thought you were some random player I played a match with, sorry. :( If you could send me another friend request I'd gladly accept it. What games do you play?
    I just sold my PS3 and am trying to get a new one by getting more money to pay for it. So you can add me, but don't expect me to be on.
    You have a nice week 2. Deep in the heart of Texas. Oh and just call me able.(my fursonas name.)
    I has no friends! D= lol it's okay...
    I think I'll make this a feed or something too.
    Well off to clean! Have a good one ya'll!
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