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  1. Fuh

    Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

    Imma getting a DS for my birthday next Saturday. *crosses fingers to get one of these in my present* If not... What should I get? Silver or Gold? :)
  2. Fuh

    Your 'One More Go' game

    Tetris. I can't stop!
  3. Fuh

    FF13 Tonight!

    Well, I'm new to games, but what I've played so far, I've enjoyed so far. But that being said, I've really only played Ratchet and Clank, and Heavy Rain... But maybe I just liked all the super prettiness!!
  4. Fuh

    Your favorite all-time games?

    I've played very few games but... Kingdom Hearts is absolutely beautiful!! Ratchet and Clank is also pretty amazing. And Pokemon basically ruled my childhood <3
  5. Fuh

    Breaking Benjamin?

    They have a few good songs, but I think even some of the artists on FA are better than them. I'm neutral
  6. Fuh

    Pretending to be something you are not.

    I lie more in real life than on the internet. And not because I don't have actual merits, or whatever. Like, I don't lie about things that'll get me caught out (like saying "Yeah, I can fix cars!" when I couldn't tell you how to open the freaking front thingo) It's weird stuff that comes out by...
  7. Fuh

    Gay genes or choice?

    It's both, yet neither. It's a combination of the nature/nurture thing. Nobody chooses who they are sexually attracted to, or who they love. So by that, it's a nature thing. But sexuality can be repressed, or brought out. And to follow on from that, it's not like most people wake up and say...
  8. Fuh


    Protestants can use contraception :3 Catholics technically can't. Explains why I have so many fucking siblings... I didn't give up anything for Lent, because I didn't realise until a week later. Since leaving school, I have no idea when it occurs now D: That being said, I never actually gave...
  9. Fuh

    101 Things that ANNOY you

    She's lying. I dislike atheists and theists who are so insanely zealous that they can't just keep their opinions to themselves. Fact is, no matter which way you believe, no matter how much proof there is against your belief... hell, proof could dance naked in front of you, and unless you're...
  10. Fuh

    What web browser do you use?

    I primarily use Firefox, because it has all the awesome stuff, like the download statusbar, and themes, and all that pretty stuff!!! But I also have Chrome for emergency situations, or if things just don't work as well in Firefox. I was using Chrome for a while, but after I upgraded it, I kept...
  11. Fuh

    Zelda: Spirit Tracks DS

    I think I asked for this game for my birthday... I asked for either of the Zelda games. Oh man, hope it's not this one now!! >.<
  12. Fuh

    TinyCat is Everywhere!

    'Neko!!! OH HAI MY LOVE!! :D
  13. Fuh

    Time To Be Serious: Huge amounts of guilt over little things.

    I second this. OH HAI, I AM PSYCHOLOGY STUDENT, AND MIGHT HAVE AN IDEA ABOUT HOW TO HELP? :3 But if it happened before the age of nine, chances are yeah, the things with your parents have influenced you heavily. I'd be really interested to know about other reactions to certain things. Have...
  14. Fuh

    Hotdogs for dinner

    Hotdogs were made out of meat? Oh man, I was clearly born too late in time. I was always taught "NEVER ASK WHAT'S IN HOTDOGS".