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    "Community" Vent? Sort of.

    I'd say you probably just got unlucky. I've come across my fair share of toxic people or those who are hard to socialize with but for the most part I've had a good experience with making friendships and connections. Perhaps a small part of that is due to the seemingly endless love that the macro...
  2. funky3000

    Rate Your Furry Fandomness

    I want to say 10. Even though I don't have a fursuit yet it's definitely a plan of mine, but I've been to a couple local furmeets and I have quite the amount of characters and even a custom species to my name.
  3. funky3000

    Give a job to the furry above you!

    A cute petting zoo lion!
  4. funky3000

    Members by Species

    If this thread is still updated, I would like to change my fursona species to Midnight Lycanroc. I've had a connection with the lil fuzzbutts. Still love my cybercanines but they were more of an adopted fursona than were meant to be a fursona. Category: pokemon and/or lupine
  5. funky3000

    How do you sleep?

    Most nights I go to bed drunk because my natural time clock wants to stay up as late as possible and then stay up for 20+ hours after sleeping. Hoping my internal clock is forced back into a decent cycle before fall classes. Most of the time where I sleep is in this decent sized crawlspace...
  6. funky3000

    Hi, what's your favorite pokemon?

    As far as gen 1 stuff goes, Arcanine for sure. Big buff and FLUFFY dogs. Fire dogs. Best dogs. And to include anything, Lycanrocs for sure. They're my latest addiction, I can't get enough of them!
  7. funky3000

    Quick! Grab the object that is standing to the right of you! It will serve you as a weapon!

    Either a glass of booze or a hotpocket. Neither helpful. Well maybe my phone, if I had the capability of calling a missile strike or w/e
  8. funky3000

    Most strangest fetishes in furry community?

    As far as strange ones go, rather than compared to ones classified inherently "gross", I'd say my winner goes to noseboners. Like what. Why. A nose or snout growing to ridiculous proportions with pulsing veins as if its their actual hardon. Like what, no, that can't be comfortable in any way...
  9. funky3000

    Funky 2017

    So it's 2017. Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced Lycanrocs. I fell in love with the midnight form. So after 9 years of calling myself Funky, I finally have a character called Funky and is more of an actual fursona than an adopted character. Valthero was cool and all, but he was more like a few...
  10. funky3000

    Anybody Else Cursed

    My curse is the entire system. Every tick of the gears that runs the world, with clockwork accuracy, works against me in either a long string of minor setbacks (like personal nuisances that slow me down by a few seconds, repeatedly) or major setbacks at a time I can hardly afford to manage them...
  11. funky3000

    What's your favorite qoute?

    "It's not always easy to tell what's true, and sometimes it's even harder to believe it, even when it's right in front of you" - Captain Harlock
  12. funky3000

    Have you ever met a furry IRL by accident?

    One of my coworkers is a furry, it came up in discussion during her first day of working.
  13. funky3000

    How many furries have Autism/ADHD?

    I used to have ADHD, dunno how active it is anymore but I haven't taken my meds since early high school. Wouldn't be surprised if it's resurfacing tbh.
  14. funky3000

    Furthest Distance Driven and Why?

    As far as driven myself, 3 hours from my hometown to Houghton for school. Tech is a nice place and I'm glad I came here and met the people and roommates that I did. It's cold AF and ridiculously snowy, but overall worth it. As far as tagging along with family, Green Bay for slightly longer, we...
  15. funky3000

    Open Chat

    Huh, I still have my account here, neat. When did they revive the official forums? I've been out for a while, haha.