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    Master thesis done: Standalone Complex (Explaining Furries)

    It kinda reminds me of The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric S. Raymond, (link) which talks about how open source software shouldn't work because there's no formal structure to the development, but somehow seems to coalesce into something useable. Its funny how things without formal structure...
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    Furries vs. Therians

    It seems to have been a little confusion between lifestyle and sexuality/fettish. I feel that lifestyle furries surround themselves in the furry subculture and is part of their everyday life but is not about sexual attraction. The sexuality side of it is a sexual attraction is felt by the...
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    Furries vs. Therians

    I find the whole idea of Therians and Otherkin interesting, along with the whole 'wrong body' thing. It seems odd to me that people feel disassociated with their physical appearance and feel like they need to change it. It's almost along the lines of transsexuals who feel that they are a woman...
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    Hi. Cool. Welcome, I guess

    Hi. Cool. Welcome, I guess
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    Uh oh, another newbie

    Thanks OOH Biscuits. Thanks :-)
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    Uh oh, another newbie

    Well, as you guessed it, I'm new here. I found this place while researching about furries and decided to stay. I'm kinda new to the whole furry fandom so I'm just finding my feet. I've posted in a number of forums over the years so I kinda know the etiquette for posting (I hope!). I am...