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  1. furrall

    Greetings from New York

    Greetings from England and a warm friendly welcome! :)
  2. furrall

    I'm Lumi, nice to meet you :3

    Nice to meet you too, welcome! :)
  3. furrall

    Howdy Citizens!

    Howdy! :cool:
  4. furrall


    hey there, welcome! :)
  5. furrall


    You're definitely not the only one mate, don't you worry. Anyways welcome, you are going to love it here trust me! This place is simply just awesome and so are the people. :)
  6. furrall


    Hey there Pova, welcome buddy. :D
  7. furrall

    Hey Everyone! Come say Hi!

    hi'ello', welcome! :)
  8. furrall


    welcome! :D
  9. furrall

    hi im... new ??

    hello welcome! :)
  10. furrall


    hey there, welcome! :)
  11. furrall

    I have no clue what I'm doing

    Me too and many more, I'm sure haha. Yeah, you don't have to worry mate, we are all on the same boat. Welcome! :D
  12. furrall

    A Dog Says Hello

    Hey Doge, nice to meet you, welcome! :)
  13. furrall


    Hey welcome. I am fairly new myself but I can tell you so far I've not met one mean person and I very much doubt there is any. Everyone is kind, welcoming and genuine! You will love it here, trust me! :)
  14. furrall

    Greetings from a bat

    Cool drawing, love the detail you put in it. Welcome! :)
  15. furrall

    Greetings from Oxfordshire!

    Another Brit? Did you hear that backpawscratcher? :D Welcome mate. :)