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  • Sorry, I heard what happened, my brother can be a immature hot head sometimes :sad: anyway, I have control of my profile again, and I would never post any copyrighted material due to a possible lawsuit
    I have done nothing but try to help you not commit copyright infringement (a crime). Please do not insult me that I am "fuming" and "so mad", it's degrading. Especially given that the context is that I have been trying to save you from getting into legal trouble and trying to help you learn the etiquette of what images you may use as your avatar. To be clear, your avatar should not contain a character or art does not belong to you (examples: a picture of a fursuit you do not own, a company mascot, a furry picture that you did not commission or draw).

    I do however accept your apology, I believe your error is that you are young and simply ignorant of these facts.
    To use copy righted images you need WRITTEN CONSENT, mailed to you.
    You have written permission and full consent to use of the copyrighted image and trademarked character by deviantART Incorporated? I seriously doubt it. Please don't lie to me, and yeah I know where it is from.
    just bowling? ouch. My city here is kinda dying out but there's still quite a few places to have fun in. But everyone here is too poor though to actually go out DX
    You should not be using copyrighted characters or images that do not belong to you as your avatar.
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