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    I open in summer, I’ll let you know when I open since my commission list is limited to 3. I...

    I open in summer, I’ll let you know when I open since my commission list is limited to 3. I don’t do any fullsuits/realistic suits at the moment and the price for a head is 150$, mini partial 250$ and 300$ for full partial thanks for your interest!
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    Adhesive for rubber?

    I need a adhesive for rubber for the underside of my Fursuit feet, the specific type of rubber is SBR I believe. Thanks in advance.
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    Thoughts on using real fur for fursuiting?

    Even if it did come from cruelty free areas, It would be extremely hot in your suit and just inferring, May be dangerous to wear, since dander might make you allergic to your own suit. Im not sure if dander works like that, just guessing.
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    Do you do individual parts? ( feet, paws, etc. )
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    Fursuit Eyelashes/Cat Eyeliner

    Well, I think fleece would make it really pronounced. Minky would be better. I’ve never done it myself, just from using fleece and minky it seems better to use minky.
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    AAA I love their suits! What a coincidence! Congrats! :D
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    Fursuit Eyelashes/Cat Eyeliner

    I used hot glue and fleece for my toony suit, I’m not sure if it would ruin the realistic look though. Do you have a example of how pronounced you want it to be?
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    How to make fursuit spray?

    I made my own with half water, half 70% alcohol and a few sprays of my cotton candy perfume. Don’t think it’s very professional, but I used what I have ~(Ü)~
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    taur suit spitballing

    Do you have some sort of concept art? From what I read, are you looking to make a quad suit ( example below ) or a normal fullsuit? I found this suit, made by Elk Dragon, that has extra arms made with stuffing and fur, connected to the other arms with fishing line so they move. ( picture below )
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    Body painting

    You actually might be able to do this, and to make it sfw in some sort of head and paws only way, since the tail wouldn’t be 3D. In some sort of way like this ⬇️
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    Word association

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    Word association

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    Duct tape alternative

    I’ve tried masking tape before, It falls off really easily. I’ve also tried duct tape, and it nearly ripped off the cheek even after sticking it to another surface first.
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    How many yards of fur would I need for one fursuit head?

    It actually took that much fur? My second head, a lop ear, took the usual amount of fur for each ear. Were they really long?
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    Word association