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  • I just noticed that you hadn't been online in quite the while.
    And I value you as a great person and silly fuzzle, so I just asked. Sorry to bug you.
    Multipass is indeed something one should get excited over. You can even go to Flhoston paradise with it! That would make a nice location for a holiday trip, would it not?
    Let's...not? I've some important business to attend to regarding four specific stones. Besides, there appears to be some glass shards on the cushion.
    That's cool!

    Haven't heard from you in awhile. I might be on tomorrow with Skype, but right now, I am tired. :( And dawwgggg sitting.
    If you want to change your FA name to Fuzzle or Fuzz then talk to the FA admins here on the board and explain what you want to do. However, there's already a Fuzzle and Fuzz accounts, but neither of them are being used, so maybe they'll let you have the accounts anyway, at least if the accounts haven't been used in years. Although they might say no about you taking over those accounts.

    Also, your avatar's bulge is distracting, and not in a good way.
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