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    Furry Dating/Hookup Websites - Are They All Bad?

    I look at it like this. For a lot of us, sure.. its a hobby, but its probably also a big part of our lifes as well, if we invest the time and money into suits and conventions, we want to find someone who can go to cons with us, or be interested in it, so sure, it's also just one facet of who you...
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    Furry Dating/Hookup Websites - Are They All Bad?

    maybe someone should make a thread here on fur affinity, where people can post an add about themselves
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    Furry Dating/Hookup Websites - Are They All Bad?

    yeah its kinda a waste, i had a couple positive hits off pounced, back before it shut down, but other than that, i've found furry dating sites to be useless
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    Furry Dating/Hookup Websites - Are They All Bad?

    I've recently found myself on the market again, and i tried furrymate.com and you have to pay to do almost anything like even read messages. I tried a 3 day trial sub, but it also appears as if they have bot accounts that send you messages to keep you coming back to pay to read them. so yeah...
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    In Search of a Well Spoken Furry as a Guest on our Podcast

    Lol brought me out of the woodwork. Interested :) Lol I'm like Batman...just turn on the beacon and I appear ;)
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    Disadvantages of your fursona species

    well technically we dont anymore, i think we're officially off the endangered species list... Personally I would say, more from a fandom standpoint... because we're so uncommon, finding panda stuff like bases and blanks, etc... is literally impossible to find.
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    yea i am... working
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    hi hi hi
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    Compliment the person above you!

    bats are super cute and pretty unique in the species department
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    heheh thanks :D

    heheh thanks :D
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    What do you guys do for a living?

    It really is... a lot of its super complicated, like WAY more than ive ever done before, so it's a challenge.. but its good pay, i dont have to deal with stupid coworkers, and the bennies are amazing.
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    What do you guys do for a living?

    I'm a work from home help desk agent, like tier two level stuff, so like when employees of various companies get locked out of their computers or some other tech issue... I love it... I worked all day today in nothing but my boxers :P
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    I hate it when......

    I hate it when I'm doing something on my personal computer while logged into work, and I get some bullshit call that turns out to be INSANELY complicated, that I can't figure out because my training was pretty sub-par, which ends up being over an hour of call, with at least 40 minutes of them...
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    Ever fallen in love with someone...

    Seeking: creepy stalker fangirl for obsessions, non stop messaging, love letters, pics, etc. Please inquire to Fuzzylumkin at omgfuzzyiloveyouiwanttowearyourskinasatribute@gmail.com :P