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  1. Galaxseed

    (Commission) Selling: High quality [SFW] commissions cartoon/anime style - 45-70 USD

    Hello and welcome to my page!! I am currently open for 3 slots! Can draw: Anthros (any species) Humans Robots Fan art Can not draw: NSFW / taboo fetishes Creatures Self portraits Turnaround time will range from 2/3 to 5 weeks depending on queue/ project size! If interested, email...
  2. Galaxseed

    Hiring: LF: Dragons, DragonxHuman, HumanxHuman, SFW/NSFW ($5-100)

    Hello! I'm interested in doing the humanxhuman sfw art request. More art examples can be found on my twitter @galaxseed_ Turnover time avg is 3-5 weeks and I update on the weekly! Feel free to contact me on my twitter or discord if interested! (discord GXD #8497)