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    Sir, you made my day xD
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    Christmas sales! cute, sexy, nasty or whatever you want xP

    I opened slots for any kind of digital commission a few days ago. There still have two slots available for anyone how want a commission. I can draw any kind of character or scenary ( but I need practice with feather wings) I will not do sketch commissions or color sketch headshots because they...
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    A little thing (Poetry)

    Spanis version (original) Una cosa Han pasado tantos años ¿Yo? Mejor que nunca. He triunfado en todo Salvo una cosa Te sigo amando. English version (A rough translation) A Little thing It has passed so many years Me? I´m fine, better than never before I have been succeed on everything I...
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    How open are you about being a furry?

    I know it xD At least no one can use "Don´t say you don´t like until you try it " against me xD. Anyway, what is the fun of being a furry if I can´t tell everyone I´m one. It would be like being Colombian and don´t do cocaine jokes when you are with Americans xD Shame is for mortals, I´m...
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    Dis Mah Arts

    Very cute characters. You do a decent job with your art. When I was 15 I drew with sticks and circles xP. You could become a great artist if you practice. It wolud be a good idea to check the position of the eyes because some of your characters have their eyes too separated.
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    Bendfate's Art Thread: comic series

    Well, I don´t know anything about programation or "ryona" but this looks interesting.
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    Have you tried drawing on phone art program with fingers?

    Nop, never, I´m too poor to have a tablet or a celphone... I don´t know how I get my bamboo drwaing tablet xD OMG people do great stuff with their celphones! I really like what you did.
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    How open are you about being a furry?

    I prefer to live my life without secrets xP I don´t talk about everything I do with everyone, but certainly if someone ask me about that, I will answer without doubt. No one can blakmail me xD Even my mom knows that I had sex with a man just because I want to know how it feel it (Then I realize...
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    **breathes deep** Here goes.......Hello everyone

    Hehe grat introduction. I also like to watch forum without register myself xD some times is fun just to read what people have to say :P Hope you have a great time here.
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    New Woofer Here

    Hi there and welcome. Certainly this forum is full of friendly people XP
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    Hello, I'm Methinks. I'm new!

    Hi there! It great to see new writers. I don´t know a lot about this forum but I created my account a few days ago and already meet very friendly people. It looks like a great community :P
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    How open are you about being a furry?

    Very open. xD Everyone knows that I draw furry... and almost everyone knows that I like furry porn xD
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    A cat from Colombia says hello!

    XD Hehehehe, I loved to play tejo when I was young, however I don´t like aguardiente, to strong for me. Colombia has lots of beautiful places, it is a shame that violence, crime and war don´t let people to go to some of that places. I went to cartagena one time years ago. Beautiful city with...
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    A cat from Colombia says hello!

    I´m a simple white cat xP Maybe a lazy one (I love to oversleep xD) Whit lots of practice surely you will improve. It just took me 8 years of constant practice to reach an aceptable level of skill xD(But i´m very slow, so I´m prety sure that you could surpas me if you really want it) Nice to...
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    A cat from Colombia says hello!

    Jorge Luis Borges is like the best writer ever, I love his work. There are many talented Latin American writers. For me, some of them are the best of all. I could recommend the stories of Bioy Casares or even novels by Gabriel García Márquez. My problem with the academy is that Latin American...