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  • It's because I say things in a "bitchy/smartass" way sadly. But that attracts the wrong sort of ppl. I really should try to adjust that because its a remnant from when this forum was wilder and more sarcastic.

    I agree with you on the part about ppl complaining about what causes we should champion. Also, it just feels weird when ppl try to control what feminists do in general. As if they cannot decide for themselves what is wrong and right.

    It is a shame some tumblr folk are so hateful and uninformed. But you said it best...they're mostly young things. And sorta ignorant.
    ;3 You, Ariosto, Kellie, and me are the more outspoken feminists. We used to have a gal by the name of Icen who was super educated on it. (Took classes and everything. She was gorgeeeeouuuuussssss btw)

    And lol. "Well known"? Me? That strokes my ego a bit I must confess. (I'm just a forum addict is all) But I was the same long ago. You're really patient and never lose your temper. I envy that. >3<
    I don't know why I haven't friended you yet.

    I always admired your determination since learning of your irl struggles. You're tough as nails.
    You know your GF's squirrel 'sona is really cute I like it...although, I can't imagine how the gliding flaps would work with clothes on but I suppose in cartoon that's not a thing you think about it just works hehe x3
    Hey thanks! I appreciate it. There's actually a lot of meaning and story behind it, aaaha. A lot to do with my life and transition and all.
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