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Gator Joe
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  • Well, don't give up the dream! If it is just a job, you know they are always looking for people to sell cell phones, usually part time and they train you. Well good luck. Are you still planning on moving back to where was it Alabama?
    Gotta add a fellow southerner. Cause we both know the south's gonna do it again. :D
    That's pretty much as active as it gets, aside from the brief burst of activity in the first few months. I suspect most people don't even realise the groups exist, let alone use them.
    Greetings! I was just curious, with the meaning behind the confederate naval attack flag having changed so many times in the last fifty years what made you decide to put it in your avatar? I mean no offense as I find that it works very well! I have one in a drawer upstairs, it was given to me back in the 1970's when it stood for teenage rebellion. Oh and do you in Alabama ever have crawdad festivals? We do, in june at the headwaters of the Mississippi.
    Is there a reason you post in a different font from everyone else? It's visually jarring and the font itself is smaller than the others and hard to read for me without blowing up the page.
    If you *do* decide to visit Texas, I'd research The Texas World Motor Speedway near College Station Texas. I didn't know it, but they have a NASCAR style ride or drive business there. Dallas is supposed to have a similar business at their racetrack.

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