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  • Thanks :D It was a request piece thingie by Kloe; that's one of my favorites of Lunar.
    You made me realise that post has a spelling error :c
    Your name changes about as often as your character.Not that I mind, but I almost can't keep up D:
    I just read the first chapter, and wow. It's so fucked up, yet funny at the same time.
    Yup, I just hopped over there a minute ago and shot this. But instead of that, I get to see this, sort of like the page just keeps going, with the next page's content.
    Oh good lord, Yahoo mail D: My mum still uses it too. Once again, I'm too lazy, so I got my Gmail to check itself for me. Lol! Nothin' wrong with that though, you do what you do, so long as it gets you there and nobody gets hurt (within reason).
    Furry wapaneese techies are taking over :v Yeah, I think that's just a built in site feature, Mangareader's got it too. But I'm lazy as hell! Hah. I downloaded Chrome, and it seemed pretty nice, but I still haven;t found anything it does better than Firefox, except for look all polished and tidy. It does that pretty well.
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