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  • Why are you laughing. Do you think this a game? This is serious. 
    I like to consider myself a high quality shit poster with a serious side.
    Things are still cool between us.
    Im just letting you know what's up as straight forward as I can. If you dont agree very well. No hard feelings. Im not trying to be aggressive hun. Just constructive. I promise.
    For someone who is awfully defensive about advice andi read your reply to my PM. You sure do come off as aggressive for no reason even with civil advice.
    You mentioned that you felt like you weren't posting anything wrong at all and that people have decided to gang up on you. We, as a forum, do not generally do this. I can't think of any other time this has occured.

    I would also like to point out that in other threads (like the me irl) we tend to all get along just fine with you. So we're not really singling you out. If we were, we'd do it in every thread.

    So I invite you to consider the fact that you do some off agressive in the way you type things. You may not FEEL like it. But we're only reading your text. Which depending on how its written "feels" like it may come off as passive agressive, sarcastic, or 'childish'.

    Im giving you the benifit of the doubt. I dont thinn youre a bad person and youre intentionally agressive. I just think you dont quite read your words the same way we do. And an entire forum cant be wrong, especialy when it happens in several threads.
    Yet you were the who decided to hound my profile and throw accusations instead of letting it go. Whatever. Go ahead. Block me. If it keeps you from imagining my every comment as some personal "big meany" insult then more power to you. I dont waste effort making up imaginary insults about people. I said what I said because I believe it to be true. Your actions thus far have only supported my claims.
    I am a mod, you said you couldn't figure out how to lock the thread, so I told you that only mods can lock them.
    I'm generally an upbeat and positive person. But I'm also bluntly honest.I just call things as I see them. And if anyone is belligerent, flippant, or sarcastic about what I have to say simply because they don't agree with it, then I can toss it right back.

    No. I'm not negative. Just honest.
    Fair enough. I have done such things myself many moons ago, but in situations like that sometimes it's best to just step back from the computer and go do something else for a while. I find that the more you try to talk back to others, the deeper a hole you dig for yourself.. best to just ignore it and move on in many cases. For example if you hadn't replied so many times to them, they would have just dropped it.

    I hope things improve for you soon. IRL is nasty sometimes.
    I was talking about your responses in the other threads. Also, people kept saying "wut" because you kept showing that you were bothered by it.
    The original posts were fine, I just thought your resulting responses to other people's discussion was kind of harsh.
    Thank you so much for the base Gemz. So glad to know that there are people in the world like you.
    Depends on the day really. But most of them are quite nice. They used to talk to us more in discussions...but they all got so busy. u.u
    The reason I mentioned the editing thing is that the mods don't like two posts in a row by the same user. (Double posting)

    They're pretty cool about it though. So you're fine.
    oh, see I need my anime guys to have some meat on their bones and to be a wee bit angsty. That's why Sanosuke from Kenshin is my waifu.
    A perfect match! Astro boy hmm? I'm glad to see more old school anime fans are coming to faf...we have a lot of ppl just interested in the most new stuff.
    I see it! Whohoooo! (Haven't been sigg'ed in years) And the this button is that little "thumbs up" thing in the lower left corner of posts. This'ing someone means you agree or "thank" their post.

    Also, I like your sona's hairstyle. It really makes the character pop.
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