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  • I was talking to myself, but mkay.

    I find the most recent post almost a bit amusing, and a touch ironic, as when i posted this, you've been offline for an hour.
    Well, now that some people know I'm bi/gay, i also get my name gay-accented. Quite annoying.
    My middle name should have been my first name but wasn't so i get really stupid combinations.
    And of course, the always classy "idiot."
    I also get called ""shut up" during band. And "dummer" by the assistant director.
    As i simultaneously work my ass off, harder than a number of the horns that he so greatly respects...
    But i digress for the sake of the fact that there is a project that my mom is evaluating my progress on once i pretend to finish, and if i don't work, i'll be fucked since i have an MRI in ten minutes and this is probably going to drag into the night.

    Gawdammit, i ranted. Usually i get interrupted and yelled at for that
    ...no, stop talking >_<
    No not at all, it's more like just this odd chain of events. *jwj posts pic in black and white* my webcam only wants to take black and white. Then I shave a few days ago *jwj shaves and takes pic*

    tl;dr - Pay no attention to the crazy man with the pumpkin.
    Indeed! It's refreshing since everybody is a Yankee here. We are brothers and sister in our cheese-eating surrender monkeyness!

    Now say me something in français. >:V
    dewwwwd there was a Japanese game show on north Korean text books!

    The first grade ones have songs about killing Japanese soldiers.
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