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    Duck Face. Why?

    Oh show the ugly bastards some love, they're just trying to embody their duck fursonas.
  2. Genumix

    East Coast Earthquake Thread

    I went to Great adventure when the earth quaked. Riding green lantern during an earthquake was just the kind of opportunity I couldn't pass up.
  3. Genumix

    HIYA!!! I'm Jade :)

    Hi Jade. I like positive people. And I hope you can keep positive in the face of the entertaining adversity that is FAF.
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    btw, nice avatar Acire.
  5. Genumix

    becoming an anthropomorph

    Even armed with that knowledge, those sentence fragments are still throwing me off.
  6. Genumix

    becoming an anthropomorph

    *Attempts to decrypt message* *fails*
  7. Genumix

    It has begun

    8-handed sign language would be seriously on point. If we can't get quality healthcare for our population, where the fuck would we get the money to implement mind control? Never saw it. But, hey, that doesn't sound so bad. That would make me insanely popular... >:3
  8. Genumix

    It has begun

    ...as opposed to what, a cyberpunk economic apocalypse? Rise of the Planet of the Apes = totally possible. I'd imagine the research to be done in a more, well, scientific laboratory than what was shown. I'm sure money-grubbing haste happens, but it can't possibly be that comically extreme...
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    Unless you're a masochistic altruist, in which case you'll provide lots of people entertainment at your expense. But not many people are that, so I'd also not suggest starting drama. X3
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    ohai schizphrenia! Otters rock.
  11. Genumix

    DW is here.

    I thought KW from where the wild things are, then I realized I was wrong.
  12. Genumix

    becoming an anthropomorph

    Complacency isn't for everyone.
  13. Genumix

    Let's post awesome free/indie games!

    Limbo, made by Playdead. 10$ on Steam right now, and it's on the Xbox arcade too. It's the most artistically cohesive game I've ever played. It's essentially a horror puzzle platformer and very very beautiful.
  14. Genumix

    New documentary series on National Geographic

    My Strange Addiction? It was ultra lame and hyperbolized some very mundane things that whoever the subject was did.