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    Free Art: NSFW Doodles (OPEN)

    I love it thank you so much!
  2. Geowlett

    How do you pick the outfits for your partials???

    I recently got my first partial and was wondering how you decide what outfits to wear. I'm still indecisive but I think my sparkly argyle tank works best as it matches the design fairly well and doesn't get in the way of the wings. Also the back of the shirt is solid black which helps hide the...
  3. Geowlett

    Do you talk while in fursuit? Why or why not?

    Watching the sign language videos wondering how it would work with wing sleeves I feel like it would be super hard for me because my partial has wing sleeves rather than arms and paws that would get in the way of most of the signs. Talking might be my best option ^^;
  4. Geowlett

    Show me your fursuit! :0

    Here is mine! I got it a couple days ago. Maker is Kraficat on insta and the dealers den. She included the little mouse plush as well Hoot! Name is still pending as I haven't decided on one yet
  5. Geowlett

    Request: Can you draw my owl??

    Hello!! I got my first partial! They are premade and habe no art so I would love to possibly get some if anyone wants to draw them or I can even do an art trade ❤️ Here are the main pics I have of them Below are the videos and photos from the maker, Kraficat...
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    Free Art to get a Start (NSFW welcome)

    Would love to see my girl Star in your style omg!!!!
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    Free Art: Sharpie's requests shop (CLOSED)

    Thank you so much!!!!! Sorry for the late reply my email usually notifies me but I want notified this time. I love it!
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    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) $5 Headshots

    Opening commissions for some cheap fully colored headshots, you get to choose pencil lines or pen lines. I'm tent on doing fullbodies unless I feel comfortable with the characters design (these will be $10 pen only, ask me if your character is eligible for fullbody) Recently lost my job and...
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    (Commission) Selling: Discord Nitro Talk Icons - $35 -$45+ OPEN [5/5]

    These are so cool! Hopefully you'll have a slot open when I get paid next
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    Free Art: NSFW Doodles (OPEN)

    I feel like my girl here would look good in your style https://toyhou.se/10943349.cynthia
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    Free Art: Sharpie's requests shop (CLOSED)

    My girl Cynthia? NSFW and Gore are okay https://toyhou.se/10943349.cynthia
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    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) $10 Halfbodies - $20 Character Designs

    Doing some Halfbodies like these for $10 (Add shading +$5) Also doing female anthro designs for $20 (+$7 each additional headshot expression/outfit)
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Request: Birthday Art?